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Grace in Your Life

365 Moments of Grace

I believe grace shows up in your life at special moments, unexpected times, and when you are just being 'in the moment'.  I have experienced many times of grace and I am so very blessed from each and every one.
When I feel grace, I have that smile creep over my face, and I am in la-la land.  I feel like I am one with the Creator of this magnificent world we know.  The blood runs through me like a river runs to the ocean, to it's home. 
This grace is ever present in our lives, only when we are aware of it.  So many times people are too caught up in the treadmill of their life to notice these magnificent moments for what they are...pure and simple connection to something greater and bigger than them.
I luv to spend some time each day seeking grace through different things.  I can find it while sitting serenely in my backyard, or when I am gardening and notice the dragonfly go by.  I notice it when I am at dinner with family and I just glance and take in the entire picture of how everyone is engaging, the smiles and body language of each person.  I can experience grace merely by holding one of my pets and just 'being'.  After all, in such a wild and crazy world, isn't it important to have that balance of grace in order to survive, even to thrive.
This book is a daily reader, with each day bring a new short story of the author's experience with grace and how grace has touched their lives.  It is moving, and it is comforting.  It is a blessing for those who wish to take that short journey each day to adventure into graceland. 
An Example of Grace

This is a picture of my little Sunshine, a.k.a. Sunnee, who is the matriarch of our pack. 

Yes, I am that crazy dog lady in the neighbourhood.  The littlewonders have been 'grandfathered'

and at this point we are running a nursing home for aged dogs.  It is a lot of work, yet the

benefits far outweigh the amount of work involved in keeping our canines happy. 

Sunnee has surpassed her 19th birthday, and is hanging in for the long haul.  She doesn't leave

my side.  Athough she doesn't hear or see very well any longer, she still is loyal to her core.

When Sunnee was younger she was one of those dogs who just 'knew' what was going on. 

Some dogs just have that sixth sense, and she was one of them.  Sunnee preferred human

company over the company of the other dogs.  Each of our dogs, with their own personality, is very special in their own way,

After Dad passed away, which was something Sunnee warned me about, by throwing herself at the gate in our kitchen.  Then my mother called with the news.  Not only did Sunnee 'know' but I feel she saw something. 

I experienced grace at the house after burial when we noticed all the brown spots on Sunnee's belly had vanished and become totally white.  Can you imagine that!  Sunnee lied beside my mother on the couch; doing her duty, as she always had done.  We were in disbelief, but we were also experiencing grace.  In that very moment we all experienced something greater than ourselves.  This was one of those wow moments, but the illusionist wasn't hiding somewhere in the house.  This actually happened.  It really gives you something to think about.  I know I experienced grace, and I sure bet that Sunnee did too!

I am a proud author, along with many others in this wonderful book which made #1 International Bestseller in many categories.  Yahoo!!

For me, every hour is grace. And I feel gratitude in my heart each time I can meet someone and look at his or her smile. Elie Wiesel



It happens all the time.  Look for it.  Create it.

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