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Before marriage I was an executive secretary.  When I married, we moved to Hamilton, Ontario, I took the real estate course, but did not pursue it long as we moved back to Toronto.  I took accounting courses,  and then pursued my dream of being a mother.  During this time I volunteered at two women's groups, rising to editor of their newsletters. I finally became the proud mother of 3 wonderful daughters, and spent their formative years volunteering at their school.   Honing my organizational skills, I took courses such as Photoshop and Illustrator.  As my daughters grew up, I divorced, and then remarried, gaining two stepdaughters. 

The past five years I have been taking courses, attending seminars, and doing a lot of reading.  I have achieved the following:  TESOL/TEFL Specialist Certification (Global Leadership College), Certified Law of Attraction Basic Practitioner (Global Sciences Foundation), Certified NLP Practitioner (American Union of NLP), Certified Life Coach and Certified Master Life Coach (American Union of NLP), Certified Ericksonion Hypnotist (American Alliance of Hypnotists), Certified Coach in Life Optimization (The Center for Personal Reinvention), Certified Coach Practitioner (Certified Coaches Federation), Certified Basic Hypnotic Communicator (Global Sciences Foundation).

I am proud to be the co-author of two #1 International Bestselling books - Empowering Women to Succeed Volume II: From Burnout to Victory, and 365 Moments of Grace, Volume 2 of the series.

I am presently working on Empowering Women to Succeed Volume III: Bounce, 365 Life Shifts, Volume 3 of the series, and a similar project, to co-author Volume II of Who's Going to Stop Us Now?  I continue to learn, taking three new certifications, one as a Self-Esteem Coach, another in Past-Life Regression Hypnotist, and a third in Reiki. 

I continue to embrace new projects, such as the Women for Nature Initiative of Nature Canada, and being an advocate for animals and nature, along with public speaking.  It is very important to me to be able to give back to society and to have my voice heard, in order to help where I can within the community, in the province, the country and in the world. 

Your Journey is Your Story...

Take the Driver's Seat!

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