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Coaching was something that I grew into.  I took a number of online courses, and then all of a sudden, this Life Coach course came up.  I have to say, I never hesitated, because it just felt natural to me.  In the whole course of things, it just would be the next step.  I haven't looked back.

Coaching, in specific Life Coaching, gives you a unique perspective on the many facets of life.  By analysing and using various techniques, you can help a client to achieve success in any and all areas of their life. 

A Life Coach is not a psychologist, nor a counsellor, and definitely not a psychiatrist.  A Life Coach is your personal cheerleader which helps to direct you in making choices toward optimal results in whatever area you wish.  As we know, perspective is very important.  Sometimes a different way of looking at a situation will give a different option to play.  It is important to be flexible, knowing that there may be many alternative options on the table which haven't been thought of, let alone examined.

We all need a sounding board at one time or another in our life.  I could be that for you.  I can also help you organize, prioritize and set goals, as well as work with you toward that special achievement you have always wished for..

I would be happy to spend time with you to discuss any concerns you may have in the different areas of your life.  There are an endless amount of tools available to enhance your life, and I would be thrilled to help in any way possible.

Contact me at your convenience for a consultation.

                                                                  Your Positive Lifestyle Coach, Marla David

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