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What started as something I was passionate about, became something I felt compelled to do - that is to write.  I luv to write.  I luv the sacred time and space I give myself to explore more of what is inside of me, that I can share with the world.  I always say that I do not want to die with anything left unsaid, and this is one way I can share that with others.  If my writing can touch just one person and enhance their life in any small way, I have achieved much.  Service to others is embedded in my very core and this is a way that I can combine that while leaving a lasting legacy - a piece of myself for all time.

I am so proud to be a #1 International Best-selling co-author of an amazing book, Empowering Women to Succeed Volume II: From Burnout to Victory!

This book is full of inspiration from women, and one brave man, who share their personal stories of empowerment.

We all go through some struggle in our life, and the stories in this heart warming book, will illustrate that we are not alone in our struggles.  Each of us fight something that we must overcome, and it is in these struggles, that we find purpose in our journey.

This book is filled with heart warming stories that offer solutions and ideas toward your own empowerment, just as each author has found in her/his.  It is a great read, and an easy read. 

This book is a sure pleaser on many levels because it offers the story, combined with self-development insight from so many different perspectives. 

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