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Success Stories

What is success?  Each person's idea of success is subjective because we all come from a different mindset.  Out mindset is our personal set of thoughts and beliefs, which create our paradigm.  Based on where you grew up, how you grew up, your experiences and the events in your life and the others surrounding you and the area you live in, you develop your paradigm of the world.

There may be a man in a small town who defines success as getting married, having kids, and working in the coal mine, just as his father and other family members.  Again, there could be a man who was sent to all the private schools around the world, who saw success as running a huge conglomerate, with scores of employees on all corners of the globe. 

There is also a different kind of success.  The kind of success you have when you have finished that project you worked so hard on.  The success of marrying the woman or man you wooed so fervently.  What about the success of learning to ride the bicycle, or driving a car, or perhaps skydiving, or learning a new skill to get a new job in order to support your family.  Then there is the success of learning to walk again after an accident, learning to talk again after a stroke, or even learning to see or hear for the first time.  These are also personal achievements.  We can't forget about those.

What about the man who has a hard time getting a job.  Just getting up, washed and dressed in the morning is hard, so when that is done, there is success.  The man in the picture below is such a man.  No job, but a house, wife and young children to look after.  He spends his days walking about downtown Santiago, Chile.  On this day he found a small job and was taking a break in the town centre square before he would start to sweep.  On this day he found success.

How do you see yourself?  Do you consider yourself a success?  We all are successful at something, at many things.  It is important to look at the many successes of your life and celebrate them.  Set down on paper all the things you have been successful with.  I bet you will be surprised.  Start with this:  I am successful because I am starting something new!



Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

Albert Schweitzer

Adversity in Life

With the right conditions, this little flower managed to grow.  The soil, temperature, water and sunlight were optimal for its growth.  Such a small and fragile little flower which reflects life itself.

Isn't life just like the flower?  Through adversity we will grow, but only when the conditions are right. We are destined for success only when we are ready, and the time is right, and not before.  It is the nature of things. 

I took this picture in an area where there was no foliage at all.  Where did the seed come from which took root to grow such a wonderful little yellow bloom such as this?

When I see this picture, I see hope.  Hope that whatever life throws at us, there is a way to grow through it.  When our reality gets harsh, those conditions perhaps are the catalyst we need in order to elicit growth at some level, somewhere in our life.

Many people have suffered tremendously, but have grown out of their suffering to a greatness beyond comprehension. 

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